Kalahandi City Guide

Kalahandi is a developing city located in the south west part of the state of Odisha. The name Kalahandi is derived from the “Gudahandi Caves”. It is a region of great historic significance and a number of facts regarding the previous civilization are being explored here. This region has had a great contribution towards the Indian culture and the temple architecture. Kalahandi is rich in terms of crafts and arts. The hills and mountains surrounding this adds to the scenic beauty of Kalahandi. Agriculture is one of the main occupations of the inhibitants. Kalahandia is the local language spoken by the people of which is a dialect of the Oriya language. This particular region is rich in terms of festivals and culture. A number of popular festivals are celebrated in this region some of which include Dusshera, Deepawali, Shivaratri, Holi, Janmastami, etc. This place has several number of tourist destinations which attracts a great number of visitors to the city throughout the year. Along with the scenic beauty an

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